Coastal Whites

Painting with our Coastal Whites.
You love a relaxed lifestyle and the sea is your happy place. Your furnishings reflect this and how you want to live. We have kept this in mind when choosing our Coastal Whites.
 Bondi White
People assume that when they find a white painted interior that appeals to them that any white will work. I will over a period of time showcase my favourite whites for a variety of instances and why.
Coastal decorating has a couple of iterations and this is one of them. The bright white... very white interior that is complimented by white furnishings and cabinetry.  The white you pick has to meld with the white cabinetry and not contrast or clash with yellow, green or brown undertones.   These whites are crisp and fresh and look perfect with the brilliant emeralds of your indoor plants.  If you are adding touches of nautical blues and aquamarines in your homewares the white has to look as if it has no discernible colour.
This blank canvas is now ready to layer.  Soft furnishings in natural linens, cottons and flaxes work beautifully.  Also, add rich textured timbers and increase the warmth with metallics such as brass, or weathered fixtures in your taps and cabinetry hardware.
We will always show you the full strength colour. To help make your colour choice easier you can order half or quarter strengths.
Pure White
Double Bay White
Bondi White

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