Forecast Paint Colour 2022-Sage Greens - Wallmaster Spring Forward

Forecast Paint Colour 2022-Sage Greens

Spring Forward

Paint Colour Trends every so often shift and a new colour palette emerges. This gorgeous exterior paint colour Spring Forward is part of the group of greens that we call sage.  Greens are trending now but will endure for many more seasons. A natural earthy grey green that mimics the grey foliage that is so present in our Australian gardens.

One of my favourite exterior colours for 2022 is this relaxed sage green-Spring Forward. This colour lends itself to multiple decorating styles and locations...and beautifully contrasts with crisp white paint on the windows, doors, eaves and trim features. White will enhance and bring out the greys in the sage greens and make it pop. 

Paint colours now are softer mid-based colours that have natural earthy tones reflecting our affinity to nature and its leafy foliage.  Sage green lends itself to multiple decorating and architectural styles...  tropical coastal décor, Hampton's style, Australiana coastal architecture, lush leafy inner city renovations, Heritage restorations or the quintessential Aussie holiday house....What's not to love.

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