Wallmaster Master Whites Collection - Double Bay White

 You love a sea breeze and the sea is your happy place.  One of my favourite white paint colours from a selection I call Coastal Whites, is our Double Bay White.  When painting your walls white you have to start with the question do you like cool whites or warm whites?    

Some of our Coastal Whites are cool and fresh and others present with a hint of warmth.  Our Double Bay White falls into the cool category and has the tinniest bit of silver reflect to it.  Painting walls with a cool white that has barely discernible silver undertones contrasts beautifully with pure white fabrics and homewares and will enhance the natural warmth of flaxen and linen soft furnishings.

In this blog I am presenting four white colours from our Coastal Collection.  Two of which have cool undertones, Double Bay White and Bondi White, one with neutral undertones, Pure White and three with warm undertones Beach House, Resort White and Cremorne White.    

             Pure White (neutral)

               Bondi White (cool)

             Beach House (warm)

             Resort White (warm)

            Cremorne White (warm)



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