White wall paint- always classic and elegant!

White walls have had a timeless and classic appeal and are always here to stay, but in 2023 - 2024 there are some twists to add more elegance and sophistication than ever before.  Our Tuxedo White is a beautiful pearly cool white that we have matched to recreate this look.

Embrace white paint on your walls and create a sense of openness in a room that at once feels bright and large but, and this is the trick, not featureless.  

White walls with fine elegant moldings, picture railings, wall sconce lighting and dado railings are beautiful, interesting, elegant and if the placement is well thought out, will keep your walls front and center as a design feature. 

Something interesting happens with moldings they are at once perfect for large open spaces and small rooms!  A blank wall can be transformed, adding light and shade, depth and dimension, creating rooms with character.   For a large room they add form, interest and divide the spaces up as to appear more intimate, three dimensional and warm.  Equally for a small space the placement of moldings creates a grander space with enough interest to catch your eye giving the appearance of a more intimate space.  


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