Ceilings - New

Ceilings - New

Recommended Product System for Cement Tiled Roofing
Step-1 Seal and bind the tile surface with Multiseal
Guarantees a solid surface for perfect topcoat adhesion to the tile.


 Purpose of Use:
Seal and bind the cleaned tiled surface so that any retained chalk from the existing factory colour finish is bound hard and ready for topcoat ahesion.
Coverage Rate:
One coat @ 6 ~ 8 m2/ltr
 Roof Size Required Litres of Multiseal (average)
100 m2 11.0
150 m2 16.6
200 m2 22.2
250 m2 27.8
 Note: Average coverage rates above include the profile of the cement tile which is on average 25% greater than the tiled area.



Step-2 Tilesheild PCM

Utra-UV tough and fade resistant heat reflective topcoat.





Product System for New Ceilings.

No. Coats Details Product Name Coverage
1 Primer Wallmaster Acrylic Primer Undercoat 6m2 ~ 8m2 / ltr.
2 Topcoat Wallmaster Ceiling Flat White 4.5m2 ~ 5.5m2 / ltr.


Select Ceiling White in your favorite off white by entering you own colour details on the link below.


Coverage rates include the number of coats specified and the surface profile.


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