Kitchen Makeover with Urethane Trim Enamel - Danny WA

Kitchen Makeover with Urethane Trim Enamel - Danny WA

Danny sent in these images to show us the quality of the finish he achieved using our Wallmaster Urethane trim enamels on the timber cupboards and melamine panels during a recent kitchen makeover.  As you can see the Urethane trim enamels flow and level beautifully and look like a factory finish when dry. No Brush marks.

Best of all they are water based, low in VOC and there is no bad smell left in the home.  The Urethane enamel provides an ultra tough and scratch resistant surface to the kitchen.

1- The doors were first sanded then tack ragged to remove dust.

2- One coat of Multiblock primer was applied to the timber doors to bond the old enamels.

3- One coat of AC3 primer was applied to the melamine cupboard panels to bond the existing melamine.

4- Two coats of Wallmaster Urethane Satin Trim Enamel were applied by 4mm microfibre roller covers.


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