Colour forecast 2022-2023 -Ethereal greens and warm creams.

 I was searching for the right word to describe this green colour scheme, so popular at the moment, and that word is Softness.  What is going on in the world of green paint colour?  They are either forest deep greens or soft sages.  Soft sage greens are never represented on their own and are further enhanced by a combination of colours that help create an ethereal elegance. Pearly creams and blushes are the new whites.  Every colour at the moment has a little more depth including your neutrals and off whites.  Where we were once having many requests for whites at their quarter strength, designers are now requesting the original colour doubled up or choosing pale colours with a hint more colour strength.

To recreate this look I have chosen one of the softest sage greens our Wallmaster Navale and to compliment this cool green shade a  choice of soft warm  whites.  Whichever one of these whites you choose, it will work back with beautifully with Navale

P.S. if you have arches any where in your home, (lucky you) or are thinking of purchasing a house with arches they are the new must have architectural detail, so beautiful.


Ballet Slipper                            Warm Welcome                Graces Smile




           Angelique                          Bell Song                           Evening White



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