Interior Walls Previously Painted

Interior Walls Previously Painted

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    We know how to keep paints looking freshly painted for longer.  Wallmaster Superwash® with our exclusive Dirtguard® Technology brings a new level of stain resistance and hard wearing toughness to the interior walls of your home.  

    Choose Superwash® Antimicrobial for hygenic walls in your home that Inhibits 99.9% of bacterial growth 24/7 or Paint&Prime® the all-in-one single product solution to use as a primer and finish coat on bare or painted plasterboard.

    All products are Very low in VOC-asthma and allergy friendly and guaranteed that even the toughest stains wash away easily keeping your walls clean and with a freshly painted look for longer.

    Walls Previously painted.
    Topcoat 2 Superwash
    Option 2 2 Coats Superwash Antimicrobial
    Option 3 2 Coats Paint&Prime
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    1 product
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