Forecast Blue paint colour 2024

Blues for 2024!  Pantone, the colour authority, has just released their predictions for 2024 which includes these stunning blues. These colours will dominate the fashion, design, and home decor industries next year. So, if you're someone who loves colour and paint colours especially and you want to stay ahead in your design goals then this blog post is for you!

Forecast blue paint colours

How do we predict paint colour? Well, get ready to dive into the world of predicting colour and why you see familiar colour groups simultaneously in the retail, fashion, home-wares and interior decorating space. Who makes these decisions and how do these colours affect you?  Pantone forecasts groups of colours at least two times a year usually coinciding with Paris Fashion week or New York Fashion week and the seasonal timings of Spring and then again in Autumn. 

These colours are sourced from a variety of different places.  Emerging trends in fashion and interior styling are one influence and historical eras are another. As an example are we having a throwback to the 90's or 2000's?  Often ground movements in fashion and interior design is captured from a variety of sources.  It might be the savvy person on the street and street fashion, or the social media influencer.  There are colour decisions made by the lead designers of the fashion houses, architectural studios and interior design houses and all of these culminate in colour trends and decisions and choices for the upcoming seasons. 

These seasonal colour predictions filter through to the fabric houses and viola you see these colours in the stores as clothing, homewares and furniture.

Often colour predictions for fabrics do not directly translate to an appropriate wall colour.  So paint companies such as ours are interpreting these forecast colours along with your current preferences to create workable colours that will translate beautifully to your interior and exterior walls. 

The influence at the moment is a move toward jewel like colours, greater in depth, with multiple jewel colours living harmoniously in the same space.  Often there is an earthy backdrop of putty like neutrals creams and beige, with warm terracottas, corals, and lilacs bringing a lightness to the space.

Today I am focusing on some of our paint colours that are forecast for 2024 our Seaside Reflections, Pastel Party, North Atlantic Blue, and Denim Day. Contrast colour is Hand Made Pottery

Get ready to embrace the Pantone Forecast Colors Blues for 2024.. Whether you're a fashion enthusiast, a design lover, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of colour, these blues are sure to make a splash. So, go ahead and dive into the world of blues - you won't be disappointed!

 Amp up the voltage with our Seaside Reflection. This vibrant shade of blue will electrify your space and bring a jolt of energy to any room. 

Seaside Reflection 

Pastel Party

Need a moment of tranquility in your life? Pastel Party is here to save the day! This calming shade of blue will transport you to a peaceful oasis, whether you're wearing it or incorporating it into your home decor. It's like a breath of fresh air for your soul.

North Atlantic Blue

North Atlantic Blue! This deep, jewel shade of blue will add a touch of elegance and intrigue to any setting. Think rich velvet furnishings such as feature or dining chairs.  

Denim Day

Our Denim Day is the perfect blue to capture our love of all things coastal and reflect fashion's denim obsession.  This is a sophisticated colour not to be discounted in any way as casual...loved by European royalty as a traditional colour and often used in high end New York appartment styling. 

Hand Made Pottery

This rich coral contrasts beautifully with these blues and use it as you wish along with paler corals  





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