Popular green continues to trend for 2022 -2023

The colour green is featuring heavily this season and for very good reasons.  They remind us of forests and grass and connect us to nature  Painted panel walls add texture and depth to a room and allow you to layer your colour choices throughout the house without having to commit to colour in your permanent fixtures such as wet areas, cabinetry butlers and kitchen.  Painting your panel wall green creates continuity in your decorating and this colour is the perfect contrast to crisp whites and creamy tans and neutrals.  Green feature wall colours consolidate the greens from the greenery on your entry table, through to your living and outdoor space and focusses on a colour that is your statement and your style.  Greens are the most popular colour requests for 2022 - 2023.  I love this mossy green colour and our Dusty Loden is the perfect match.





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