Steel - Rusted

Steel - Rusted

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    Durable and Fade Resistant with an added benefit of Heat Reflectivity.

    Achieving a high-quality and long-lasting finish on aged weather boards with existing chalky paint requires a sealer to bind loose or powdered surfaces before painting. 

    Multi-Seal is used to penetrate the surface and bind in any loose particles and residual chalk to the substrate providing a solid surface free of contaminants ready to paint with our high-quality topcoats.   Select your topcoat from the two options below, either WeatherPlus or Energy Star Heat Reflective Paints.

    Weather Boards Chalky acrylics and weathered factory finish
    Sealer / Binder 1 Coat Multi-Seal.
    Topcoat 2 WeatherPlus® Low-Sheen, Matt, Semi-Gloss or Gloss.
    Option 2 2 Energy Star Exterior®-Matt, Low Sheen or Gloss

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    2 products
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